Our Track Record

Over the past 18 years, PTF has been active in over 60 countries, working with around 177 partner CSOs to assist them in developing and implementing over 260 projects to promote transparency and accountability. Since its establishment in 2014, PTF Europe has been an integral part of these activities. More than 45 skilled PTF Europe advisers, based in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the USA assist in the implementation of projects all over the world, connecting local leaders in target countries with the resources and knowledge they need to catalyze successful citizen-led change.

Lessons Learned

Over 15 years of operation, this approach has helped our partner CSOs create new models for constructive citizen engagement. Most of our completed projects have been independently evaluated. Overwhelmingly they have been deemed successful and replicable.

Our goal is to pilot and scale-up innovative, citizen-led approaches and tools that reduce corruption and improve governance. Throughout the project cycle we seek to draw lessons from these experiences and share the resulting knowledge widely to advance a culture of transparency around the world. We share the knowledge gained from the more than 220 projects we’ve supported to enhance governance, counter corruption and innovate to improve service delivery. We do this by holding events, publishing print material, and participating in coalitions.

Project Examples

Promoting Equitable, Accountable Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE)

Promoting Equitable, Accountable Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE) is a four-year (2016-2020), EU-funded CSO capacity building program. The project is being implemented by a consortium consisting of Helvetas Myanmar, PTF and the Local Resource Centre (LRC), one of Myanmar’s leading national CSOs. The project has three main activities: support for the formulation and implementation of an LRC institutional development plan; training to strengthen CSOs in LRC’s network of about 1,000 local CSOs, including grants to enable them to apply lessons from the training; and support for advocacy activities. The support for the local CSOs is emphasizing citizen engagement.

Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of public procurement in Ukraine

Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society is a program to train CSOs in Ukraine on how to monitor public procurement under the country’s new e-procurement system – “ProZorro.” PTF is working with the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) to develop tools provide training to help CSOs and journalists identify irregularities and bring evidence-based reports of abuse to the attention of the responsible authorities using information generated by the system. The training will provide tools and present best practices for procurement monitoring internationally.