The Partnership for Transparency (PTF) family has nearly 20 years of experience supporting citizen-led good governance programming around the world. PTF seeks to document lessons learned and share the knowledge to advance the global fight against corruption in every action we take.

A select number of resources particularly relevant to the European context are included below. Visit to see the full suite of books, reports, case studies and working papers.

PTF Europe greatly benefits of Case Studies of the PTF family. Case Studies showcase how civil society organizations (CSOs) have taken action to counter corruption and failures in public service delivery. Each shares interesting experiences in the field of social accountability work to demonstrate interventions that have produced definite impacts for citizens and their communities. Read more…
Improving Municipal Governance and Service Delivery through Transparency in Kotor, Montenegro

Improving the Integrity of School Examinations in 12 Schools in Moldova

Supporting the National Anti-Corruption Strategy through Monitoring and Advocacy in Moldova

Promoting Transparency and Participation in Extra-Budgetary Fund Collection in Schools in Armenia

Monitoring the entire procurement cycle through construction of the Latvia National Library under an Integrity Pact

Learning from the many projects we support is central to our mission. The following insights are were written by expert PTF Advisers as “lessons learned” articles. Read more…
Pro-Active Project Planning – Serbian Example
Bridging Gaps in Education: How Constructive Engagement Revitalized School Communities in Ghana
Expanding Civil Society Contributions to the Governance Agendas of Sustainable Development Goals and International Financial Institutions

A team of PTF experts have examined various roles CSOs play in improving government transparency, accountability and inclusiveness and controlling corruption, reviewing the evidence on what works and what does not. It presents analysis and evidence-driven recommendations to accelerate progress.

Engaging Citizens in Health Service Delivery

Engaging Citizens in Health Service Delivery summarizes the current findings on citizen engagement instruments and examines whether these interventions have contributed to enhanced health practices and ultimately on improved health outcomes.

Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society

The purpose of the Project, co-funded by EBRD and PTF is to: (i) develop monitoring and investigative tools and train CSOs to enable them to be involved in the effective monitoring of public procurement; and (ii) assist 2-3 CSOs to monitor procurement for the first six months after the completion of the training sessions.