EXPERTISE: good governance & anti-corruption; legislative reforms

“Building solid integrity is pivotal to prevent corruption”

Mr. Clementucci is an Italian lawyer that advises for international entities (such as the World Bank Group, the Council of Europe, EU, UNDP, OPCW and TI-S) and national agencies (like ANAC and ACCREDIA), on anti-corruption. His work aims at increasing knowledge and strengthening capacity of national authorities and their public officials, in order to accomplish sound, effective and sustainable rule of law and good governance.

After a master degree at the College of Europe (Natolin), Francesco started working with international organizations on development. He has implemented projects and written articles on asset disclosure, corruption-proofing, integrity in licensing and prison systems, risk-mapping, whistleblowing and criminal liability for legal persons.

Areas of Expertise

  • Capacity building/Technical assistance – Prevention of Corruption, Integrity, Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing, Asset disclosure, ISO 37001
  • Corruption Risk-Mapping, Assessment & Mitigation – Private (SMEs) and Public sector (i.e. public procurement, prison system); Corruption-proofing;
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Public Administration Reform – Ethics, Conflict of Interest
  • Training

Country Experience

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria

Haiti, Jordan, Kenya

Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania

North-Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco

Russia, Sierra Leone

Tajikistan, Tunisia