We support citizen groups that demand good governance and carry out collective action activities to reach their goals. To assure inclusive and equitable development PTF Europe identifies and partners with local CSOs, helps them identify possible sources of financing, and provides them with technical assistance to participate in and influence the planning, implementation and review of development projects, services de livery and policies at national and sub-national levels

PTF aims to provide support for citizen-led programs and projects to enhance government service delivery, and to strengthen transparency, accountability and good governance. PTF’s support may be financial, administrative or technical, most often all three. PTF-support projects are action-oriented and directly address well identified governance and corruption problems through interaction between citizens and their governments.

Through its many contacts with both CSOs and the donor community, and its experienced technical advisors, PTF is well placed to help CSOs design viable, “bankable” projects, locate financing, and to help execute those projects in a successful, transparent and replicable manner.

Help with Project Design

PTF engages a network of expert advisers, most of them volunteer, to work with partner CSO on project design and management as well as providing general coaching and mentoring. Our advisers have specialized skills in such areas as good governance programs, public accounting, procurement procedures, performance evaluation, health, education and infrastructure.

Mobilization of financing

Through its contacts with both CSOs and the donor community, PTF will be able to identify sources of financing for CSO projects. And help CSOs to develop a financing plan and apply for project financing.

Technical assistance during execution

PTF’s involvement may take the form of various combinations of advice, research, assistance with project design, mobilization of funds, training and lending multi-year support. PTF and PTF Europe have extensive expertise in a number of sectors, among them procurement, health services delivery and accountability in the judicial system.

Administrative assistance to grantors

In some cases, donors may delegate the administrative and financial management of a project it is funding to PTF. Large donors may not want to undertake the administration and audit of numerous relatively small projects. Smaller donors may want to concentrate on the technical rather than the administrative aspects of projects they finance.

Where we work

PTF concentrates its involvement in those countries in which there is a combination of different factors: 1) we have worked in the country with various partner CSOs in the (recent) past; 2) The partner CSO have expressed keen interest in continuing to work with PTF; and 3) Both donors and partner CSO are interested in scaling up operations and stepping up collaboration with PTF.

As the European affiliate of PTF, PTF Europe concentrates on projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, although its individual members also serve as experts worldwide and may benefit from the assistance of PTF members.